Office Hub Boda

Join our Community at Kontorshub Boda. Feel the creative atmosphere of The Glass Factory and glow of glass furnaces where master glassblowers and artists create the antiques of tomorrow.

  • Rent office desks in an office landscape (10 places), by the hour, day, week or longer. 4 work stations are equipped with an external screen, keyboard and mouse.
  • Rent all ten tables and use the room as a conference room, technology is available for digital meetings.
  • Rent the group room (1 pc) for small meetings 3-5 people (technology is available for digital meetings).

Lounge, kitchenette, dining area, toilet and shower shared with other tenants who rent studios and rooms in Kontorshuben.

It´s also possible to rent the hot shop and time in thematic workshops at The Glass Factory.

Create account and download app

Before booking first time - sign up in our booking system. Choose "Logga in" and create an user account in. Link to tanslation of necessary data. , 671 kB.

When you are logged in, you can change the language to English and Norwegian.

You also need to download the ParaKey app, which is a digital key for your mobile phone.


  1. Log in
  2. Book the times and place you want.
  3. Pay by using credit card or coupon card "klippkort", You use the coupon card "klippkort" when you book for a week or a month.
  4. You will receive an e-mail with instructions for the Parakey key app.
  5. Via the ParaKey app, you enter the hub at the booked time.


Do not hesitate to get in touch for personal service or joint booking with the hot shop and workshops at The Glass Factory.

+46 (0)10-353 10 80